Scepter's Dedicated Freebuild

SDFB is a freebuild server for Blockland, that game where you build stuff. It was opened on 1.12.2023 by Scepter (BL_ID 27086)
Adventure Awaits


Server is OFFLINE.

My computer is frying as a result of staying on for days at a time. I will turn the server off for some time starting 1/25/23.


The server should be a good first impression for people who may be playing Blockland for their first time. Inappropriate builds, blatant spam and giant eyesores may be subject to deletion.

Questions and Answers

When is this server open?

If everything goes accordingly, this server will stay up forever. The only times it will be down is for fixing bugs or due to some catastrophic event.

Why is there almost no add-ons?

Keeping things as simple as possible allows the save file to be easily replicable for archival purposes and reducing loading time. It also is meant to showcase add-ons lightly for new players who may be interested in them while also showing what can be done without them.